Software Control

Operated by a powerful application software, our machines can be configured to offer customized functionality for a wide variety of processes

BRIGHTWIRE 3D offers intuitive graphical machine / process control software for automated photonic packaging that includes all machine vision, positioning and system management routines required to reliably and repeatably drive the lithography process. The software enables as much or as little operator intervention as required, even remotely – from fully flexible, to fully automatic, to fully remote.

With our unique approach of software-defined functionality, the SONATA1000 Series can be reconfigured easily to serve multiple applications.

The control software is seamlessly integrated into ficonTEC’s* Process Control Master (PCM)**.

BRIGHTWIRE 3D – Key features

High-precision additive nanofabrication of single-mode waveguides and freeform micro-optics

  • User-friendly graphical interface
  • 3D waveguide router
  • Powerful toolbox for automated interface detection using state-of-the-art machine vision
  • Tailored process modules for coupling to customer-specific optical interfaces

Access the full potential of hybrid multi-chip integration

* ficonTEC is the recognized market leader in the field of automated assembly and testing of micro-optics and opto-electronic components.

** ProcessControlMaster (PCM) is ficonTEC’s user-friendly control interface that is shipped with all machines and multi-machine assembly lines.

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