A powerful solution for photonic packaging and system assembly

Universal hardware with software-defined functionality, designed for scalable manufacturing


3D printing of freeform waveguides and micro-optical elements is about to revolutionize photonic packaging and system assembly. With its SONATA1000 Series, Vanguard Automation offers the first industrial solution for in-situ printing of Photonic Wire Bonds (PWB) and facet-attached micro-optical elements.

The system relies on high-resolution multi-photon lithography and is geared towards single-mode and multi-mode package-level connections. We offer a future-proof machine hardware with software-defined functionality and customized processes. The SONATA1000 is at the heart of a modular system concept, that covers the full range from small-scale prototyping to fully automated high-volume manufacturing.

SONATA1000 – Key features

High-precision additive nanofabrication of single-mode waveguides and freeform micro-optics

  • Versatility: Low-loss coupling to a wide variety of surface-emitting and edge-emitting devices, e.g., silicon photonics, InP light sources, singlemode fibers, multi-core fibers, passive waveguide platforms …
  • Designed to perform: Industry-grade machine platform, operated by a powerful application software
  • Future-proof: Universal hardware concept with software-defined functionality and reconfigurability
  • Turnkey solution: Tailored processes, comprising fully automated detection of customer-specific coupling interfaces
  • Scalable cost-efficient production: From stand-alone machine to fully automated manufacturing lines

SONATA1000 Series

Access the full potential of hybrid multi-chip integration

  • Performance: Individually optimized components on complementary photonic integration platforms
  • Yield: Assembly of complex systems from known-good components
  • Cost: Highly scalable fabrication, no need for active alignment

Our customers will take advantage of ficonTEC’s level of global customer service and support and thus makes Vanguard Automation the ideal partner for high density hybrid multi-chip integration.

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